[OCT 2020] Troop of the Month!


Welcome back to a very very late installment of TOTM!

October has truly been a hectic, but very amazing month – where the Army of Club Penguin participated in CPAH’s Fight or Fright tournament, breaking our record maxes twice with insane sizes of 113 and 116 respectively in the semis and finals. We couldn’t have done this without our amazing troops – and so, this month we congratulate…


What qualifies for TOTM?

– Activity in ACP chat
– Activity in attending events
– Involved in the ACP community
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, Cubeoid has has shown exemplary work as a member of the Army of Club Penguin – becoming ROTW twice this month, and earning the first ever member awarded Bronze Medal of the CPPS era, he has shown great initiative with encouraging activities in main chat, made great effort to attend important battles despite being AUSIA, and put in amazing work as part of the ACP Recruiting Force.

Interview with Cubeoid

Hi Cubeoid, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?

Hi guys – as you know me the one and only :sweat_smile: Cubeoid.. I have been here for like 3-4 months now and I am actively participating from like past 2 months .. sry I am not good at writing speeches

I hear you used to be called Cuboid… where did the extra e come from? Also, why name yourself after a shape?

Yes, you are right. I was earlier named Cuboid, but one day I was chatting in general chat and I said that I hate cube and CSY called me CUBE HATER so I decided to name myself CUBEOID (I wanted to prove I don’t hate Cube (( PSS but Cuboid r superior)) so I added it in my name LMAO :joy:)

I named myself after a shape coz I didn’t had a good nickname I watched literally like everyone having good names and I choose Cubeoid coz it looked cute and nice :grin:

How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here?

SO this is the question I was waiting for.. I never played or knew about club penguin.. I was invited by Honorable NIGHTFURY from Userphone on 29th June 2020!! 3-4 months now I am in server!! I was extremely lucky that I finded this server then earlier if anyone of u guys remember my name was ‘Nightfury’s Friend’ coz I didn’t knew a good nickname but later I changed to Cubeoid !

Why do you think you were voted TOTM?

Tbh with you I guess previous month I got like 3 ROTW in row and was actively working in ACP also I completed my ACPTR Course and became graduate and attended events at my best!! I guess it’s the reason I also got bronze medal and I won’t make you regret of giving me it !!!

Why are cubes superior to cuboids in every way? :e2~2:

Cubes sounds like small and weak where as Cuboids stand strong (PS my agents says MINECRAFT will soon be made of Cuboids) Also Cuboid > Cube :smile: Sooo there r less reason to support cube and mostly in irl many things r in cuboid shape rather then in cube shape soooo — Cuboid wins
( No hate to cube fans it was just for fun :sweat_smile: )

As the first BMA recipient as a member for the CPPS generation, as well as a new mod, how do you feel about all of this?

I dont know what to say on this Hcoms believe that I can do well so I will try my best because you have experience I don’t so you will know better than me I can just say I won’t make you regret!

We’re all DYING to know this – what the heck is ISSA?

Wait a minute… Don’t u guys know about ISSA? Omg She is queen of bread (She supplies me brown bread for free). She is a good friend of mine so we like pretend to shout :joy: whenever we see each other chatting like ISSA ISSSSSAAAA 🙂 it’s just our way to greet after a long time :smile:

I hear you’re a regular on the ACP MC server – any best memories to share?

Yup I play there in server not sure if I am regular coz I left for 3 weeks in between but I am back now and there r many memories worst and best probably gonna tell u best one so here they are —
1) I never killed enderdragon (the final boss in Minecraft) in survival mode But in this server Flov and me we killed the ender dragon (we died 4 times tho :sweat_smile:) and I was happy to do that 🙂

What’s your favorite moment in ACP?

My favorite moment in ACP was to get !tempmuted by Sanya… NVM it was when I was awarded Bronze Medal like it was a surprise for me I barely knew that I will be one getting it but I still remember that day. We won a big battle we were having fun enjoying and I won the medal that was best day of mine in ACP

Anything you’d like to say to the people of ACP?

I can say that it was best server I founded ever in my discord history which was international and respected every community — the people here are life of it.. I just want to say to them that you all have likes and dislikes so don’t clash on them with someone we all r thoghter as a family here So love each other !!!
GREEN TOGETHER FAMILY FOREVER :blue_heart::heart: !!!



Congratulations once again Cubeoid, an exemplary soldier who’s shown that ACP’s community reaches far beyond Club Penguin!


ACP Leader