ACP: Civil War


Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

You might think that the Higher Command functions like a well-oiled machine; that we’re a group of friends who work together to create a better ACP.

It’s all been a facade.

We used to be friends. But slowly, what used to be banter became bullying; what used to make us laugh together, now made us laugh at each other. I, Nick Fury, have done my best to hold the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Hcom Including Espanola Legion Division) together – but tensions have been sky high. We have crossed the Rubicon, when Rob continuously borderline harassed us with “licking”.

Following the wisdom from “The Purge”, “The Purge 2”, “The Purge 3”, “The Purge 4” and the upcoming “The Purge 5”, it has become my prerogative to allow these two factions to duel it out. 

As James says:

“..tonight allows people a release for all the hatred, and violence, and aggression that they keep up inside them.”

This week will allow the emerging rage between the factions, to release all the tension between them, so we can cry and make up after the purge week like the films (Might need a fact check on this, I gave up after The Purge 1). 

Special Roles

Special roles for troops that participate in ACP: Civil War.

Opening Battle (13th Sept 4 PM EST): “Civil War Inauguration” role

Winning Division (at least 3 events attended): [DIV NAME] Civil War Victors


This week will be filled with battles, challenges and games between Echo and Alpha.

Win and earn 2 points for your team; draw and earn 1 point for your team.

At the end of the week, the team with most points will be crowned the victors of the Civil War.

Once and for all, we will determine whether ECHO or ALPHA is the superior division.

Green no more; It’s all out CIVIL WAR


Nicholas JoCSYeph Fury

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  1. Hehe echo ftw


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