Hey ACP!

        Today we logged on Alaska to march across Vanilla and celebrate our victory against the Templars! We marched across the whole island, going from Cove to Snow Forts, then Docks, then Beach, Ski Hill and Ski Lodge! We ended our fantastic march across Vanilla in Town with a Conga Line !

We maxed 39!

        Thank you to everyone who came and remember to react in #event-chat if you didn’t for those delicious clobrs! Also remember to react in #battle-schedule if you can attend our event with Crimson Guardians tomorrow! anywayz, sending love and hugs to everyone :>


ACP Brigadier General

9 Responses

  1. We da best music

  2. ACP :3AttendedPedroTP

  3. i dont know if i should comment it said i could only comment if i joined but i did not but daniel said i could comment but it clearly said you should comment if you attendend so i am still a little confused but that okay but i want to comment great event looks cool

  4. it was epic


  6. That was fun, especially the conga line and emote waves!! ;D

  7. also one of the tatics the letter A is or showing that we are A worthy of a grade or is it because we are getting sponsored by Avengers. if we do get sponsored by Avengers is tony stark or a other Avenger goining to join our next event?Cause that be coolPs:i am still confused

  8. I was there! The new tactics we tried out today were genius!

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