[IMPORTANT] The Third Clover Crusade


Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.


The Army of Club Penguin has turned a blind eye to the Templars’ blatant racism, homophobia, bullying of S-M armies, and disdain for the Army of Club Penguin for a while now, taking an extremely passive stance, brushing aside their provocations albeit being taunted at multiple instances. 


With promises to have “changed”, but instigating the defacement of a CPPS in just a few hours after the proclamation of rectification, the Templars have continued to demonstrate they show no remorse, or attempt to rectify their toxicity. Following the recent dissolution of the New Dawn Alliance, the Templars have taken our pacifism as meekness, and our unwillingness to engage as weakness. 


To defend freedom and preserve justice, in an attempt to stand up against racism, homophobia, the bullying of SM armies, and perhaps most importantly, ourselves:


 The Army of Club Penguin hereby enters the Third Clover Crusade against the Templars.


Part I: Against the Community


On July 13th, 2020, the Doritos of CP reformed the New Dawn Alliance, under the mission to band together to defend armies. Upon hearing that the Templars were invited, the Army of Club Penguin were immediately hesitant considering the history of conflict with the ACP – including the posting of a picture of a beheading, indicating that the victim was our previous leader Koloway.



Convinced by the Doritos to give the Templars another chance, the Army of Club Penguin, despite the overwhelming evidence, decided to look the other way and remain in the NDA. However, just mere hours later, a CPAH expose came out detailing the Templar’s involvement in the deface of upcoming CPPS CP Galaxy.


Audit log proof of Templars leaders mass banning people on the CPG server


“Templars are cool, we ain’t really do that…. anymore that is”

Perhaps Xing was merely referring to the fact that Templars no longer paraded their racist agenda; no longer sent edited pictures of homicides named after other members of the community. Perhaps then, the destruction of someone’s hard work through the defacement of their website is warranted?


When approached with this situation, the Templars showed no remorse for their actions – simply stating that their higher ups were being asked to become staff to CPG. Troop stealing is often common within the community – these guys didn’t troop steal for another army though – it was to work on a CPPS. Yet even the most malicious of troop stealing would hardly warrant the destruction of an entire server as “revenge”. Only when the NDA discussed removal did the Templars apologize. To be able to defend such decisions, then only apologize when they realize they’re in trouble shows that they don’t care. At all.


Part II: Hypocrisy & Bullying of the SM Community


The Templars have, throughout their presence in CPA, been known to invade and declare war on SM armies in the arduous pursuit to expand their empire. The Army of Club Penguin believe that it is not our place to police territory or conflicts – armies are free to invade as they please – and we do not wish to intervene unless we are explicitly called upon by our close allies, when an army decides that it is okay to blatantly bully smaller ones for land, but then cower away when facing the possibility of losing – that is when we take issue with the hypocrisy.


On May 25th, 2020, the Templars declared war on ACP’s close allies the Crimson Guardians, with the sole reason as the acquisition of land. 


In the week’s Top 10, the Templars were listed to have an average of 18 troops – CG, an average of 8 troops. With more than double their troop count, it becomes evident that the Templars declared war to pick on a smaller army, as an easy way to acquire land. (Whilst the CG rank higher than the Templars in the TT, it was only because the Templars suffered a 5 point deduction for multilogging).


The Crimson Guardians approached us asking for help, noting that they would not even be able to show up to the invasions – ACP successfully defended, preserving justice once more.



However, just 3 days after this declaration, the Templars went after our other allies, the Os Mascarados Army. The TT of the same week above shows the Templars had an average of 4.2 more troops than the OM – and whilst this might not seem like a lot amidst the sizes of major armies, the Templars are roughly 1.25x the size of OMA.


This time, as the Army of Club Penguin were not approached with requests for help, we did not intervene, and the Templars successfully invaded the OMA’s servers.


On June 9th, 2020, the Templars declared war on the People’s Imperial Confederation. The Templars, in the week of the declaration would proceed to rank 11th in the universal TT whilst their victims, the PIC, would rank 4th on the SM army TT.


Again – the Army of Club Penguin do not think it is our place to police foreign invasions – armies are free to fight or battle as they please. We have only shown support when directly called upon to help defend, and defend only. What we have shown here though, is a pattern of behavior – of declaring war on smaller armies for the sole purpose of expansion of territory.


Which again – is not what we take issue with – we are not here to police the map or surrounding politics. What we do find hypocritical though, is that when the Templars were faced with the semblance of a threat, they immediately transferred to the Ice Warriors to prevent losing land to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.


You cannot have it both ways. You cannot attack and bully smaller armies for land, then transfer land when a threat comes your way. If your set of moral codes dictate that it is fair to declare for the purpose of expanding your empire – that’s okay – but when someone declares on you, at least have the decency to not be hypocrites.


Part III: Racism

Parts III and IV detail publicly available screenshots that demonstrate the toxicity the Templars publicly display. 

Viewer discretion is advised.

Part IV: Homophobia

The following screenshots are ONCE AGAIN (!) acquired from public places. Viewer discretion is advised.

We once again draw your attention to what Xing said.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. The last screenshot shown was from the 12th of July – so lets say that in that day or whatever, the Templars have reformed and become better people.

On July 21st, a post entitled “RFCP are Zionist Shills That Support the State of Israel” was published on the Templar’s website following RFCP’s declaration of war, in which they state:

When you hide behind the excuse of being an “epic troll” when making blatantly homophobic, racist statements – it becomes harrowingly obvious that the Templars have not changed at all. You can have fun; you can troll – but at least respect the years of slavery and systematic oppresion of people because of their skin color; at least have the decency to not parade your dislike for people for the sole reason of their sexuality, IN PUBLIC.

Part V: Against ACP

The Army of Club Penguin has been made aware of the toxicity of the Templars for a while now. During ACP’s defense of CG land from the Templars threat, Xing expressed no wish for conflict with the Army of Club Penguin.

However, it seems that circumstances have changed.

The Army of Club Penguin has done nothing to the Templars. We are a snowflake army, for celebrating diversity – be it diversity in race or sexual orientation? Or are we are a snowflake army, for being offended by people that parade racism and homophobia – two groups that have, throughout history, been killed, marginalized for being different?

Do you hear the people, Xing?

Singing the songs of angry men

This is the music of the people

Who will not be slaves again.

Part VI: Conclusion

The Army of Club Penguin have sat on the sidelines for far too long. We’ve watched as the Templars’ racism and homophobia became almost “accepted” within the community. We’ve watched the Templars hypocrisy as the Templars bullied smaller armies for land, just to cower away when being invaded by RFCP. We’ve maintained peace with them – until they’ve decided to start publicly dissing us.

The Army of Club Penguin hereby enter the Third Clover Crusade for the following reasons:

  1. For the toxic behavior of the Templars – including multilogging, and the defacement of CPG after promises to have “changed”

  2. For the hypocrisy of the Templars – for their bullying of smaller armies for land, calling CG out for seeking help in an invasion they could not even attend, then transferring their own servers for protection when declared on.

  3. To stand up against the blatant homophobia and racism, to which the Templars not only show no remorse for, but excuse themselves as being “epic trolls”

  4. To stand up for ourselves, the Army of Club Penguin


  1. No allies, nor colonies allowed in the war

  2. No multilogging

  3. No transfer of servers until the war is finished or a treaty is reached between the two armies

  4. All invasions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance

Any Templars troops found to have breached the terms above will result in the immediate forfeit of all Templars’ land to the Army of Club Penguin.

See you on the battlefield.


Defend Freedom, and Preserve Justice


CSY, ACP Leader
Max, ACP UK Leader/2ic
Funky, ACP US Leader/2ic
Zelly, ACP 2ic
Robot, ACP 3ic
Kailey, ACP 3ic
Cubster, ACP 3ic
Mchappy, Acting POG

[AUSIA] Ice Cream Takeover – Results!

Greetings, ACP

Today we logged onto Blizzard (CPR)  and had our Ice cream takeover event! We had lots of fun flexing our ice creams on CPR! There was a HUGE amount of us so some of our ice creams melted sadly. But overall it was a really fun event!
                                                                     Max: 38

ACP Lieutenant General

[US] Boot Camp Training – Results!