[UK/US] Invasion of White House Results


Today, the Survey Corps and Garrison Divisions teamed up to invade Coup Crusaders’ capital server, White House, on CPATG. Moderators Cheko, Sarah, Yeti, and Skyfull led the fray, allowing us to win the battle 2-0. However, to keep things fair for CC, we decided that whichever army won the best of 3 in Sled Racing would keep White House. CC won the races, so they got to keep their capital server.

Not only did we win the battle 2-0, but we also won the war against CC with a final score of 3-0-0! BIG thanks to everyone who helped defend freedom and preserve justice in this war. I’m so proud of you all for sticking to your guns and showing the world what happens when they betray our friendship and troop steal from us!

MAX: 30

Again, thanks for your hard work and dedication, ACP! Let’s keep it going!

ACP Major General

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  2. Great battle, gg!

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