[CPAM Premier League] VS. Romans – VICTORY!

Hey ACP!

We logged on today for our first battle VS. the Romans in CPAM’s Premier League. We maxed 60+. Throughout the event, we had amazing tactics and great formations. Keep up the good work, ACP!

We began our warm-up in town, and moved to the stadium for the first room.

Spot the Romans!
We then moved into the interior of the mine, where we continued to dominate with our superior size, tactics and formations.
Ahhh, I see them now.
“friendly” banter

Finally, we ended with a curve ball of a room – Pet shop. i totally did not accidentally go to town.

Wishing OM the vvvvery best!
And with a 3-0 victory, ACP takes home our first win:

An amazing start to the Premier League – let’s keep the ball rolling B)
ACP Leader

Happy 6 Months, ACP!

Salutations, ACP!

6 months. 26 weeks. 182 days. 4380 hours. 262800 minutes. 1.577*10^7 seconds. no im not a nerd, i googled all of this

But our legacy has been longer than that, right? Est. 2006, when Oagal launched his first snowball. We’ve been through thick and thin – we’ve been at the top, we’ve fallen down, and we’ve risen again. We returned to the community under Chainpro‘s leadership on the 29th of September, 2019.
ACP’s return event, maxing 16
Under Chainpro, we fought RFCP in The War of No Return, in which ACP emerged victorious with 12 wins, 3 losses and 2 ties, reaching sizes of 30+.
ACP vs. RFCP, Invasion of Fjord
Chainpro soon left the army for personal reasons, and on November 11th, 2019, Koloway was declared the 47th leader of the ACP. ACP quickly entered war with PICCP, where ACP once again emerged victorious in a war score of 6-0. Two more wars followed – both against the Templars, in which ACP emerged victorious in both. The highlight was probably the Holiday Championships against the RPF, in which ACP saw sizes of 60+ online and secured a trophy for the first time in many years.
ACP vs. RPF, Holiday Championships
On January 27th, 2020, Koloway announced his retirement from the ACP, declaring CSY and Kailey as the 48th and 49th leaders of ACP respectively. Kailey soon stepped down on February 3rd.
Under CSY, ACP declared war against old rivals the Romans, rendering a 5-0 victory, since then, ACP has been breaking records – maxing 70 in a US/UK 3 way PB against the PIC and OM, and hitting 47+ in an AUSIA event.
ACP vs. PIC vs. OM
But sizes isn’t what keeps everyone around, is it? At the end of the day, it’s the community that keeps everyone around. ACP’s growth and ACP’s success is a testament to just how special our community is – and how it’s affected every single one of us, for the better. We’ve made friends – some enemies too – along the way. Friendships undeterred by race, age, gender, or country of residence. With over 1.8k+ discord members from people all around the world, ACP has become something that’s bigger than every single one of us. We’re a community of friends.
Yesterday, we celebrated our 6 months with an ACP prom – where we saw over 65 members online. 
ACP 6 month prom!

Club Penguin shut its doors on March 30, 2017. Yet the spirit of ACP never died – ACP veterans such as Mchappy, CSY, Max, Aero, Blazer, Blazes, Cubster, Earthing, Spinister, Koloway, Mondo, Chainpro are still here, supporting the army to this day. (Sorry if I left you out!) We have a lot of new additions to our team too – too many to name. The ACP family – new and old – is growing. Together, we’ve become something so much more than the individuals – more than the 70 penguins or whatever we max online; more than the 1.8k discord members, more than our trophies, our medals, and our awards. Because quite truthfully, it doesn’t matter what we max. ACP is a family – a family that I’m proud to be part of.

I’m no longer a kid (well i never played cp as a kid but thats beside the point), and I’ve passed the days where I (would have) enjoyed CP as a game. When I was last in ACP as a teen, I was embarrassed. I remember scrolling through ACP xat, CPAC, and having my fingers on control+T ready in case any of my friends walked over and saw. Today, I’m proud of what ACP has become – I’m proud to be a member of ACP.

Words from other leaders of this generation
“For years, when I felt I had no home to turn to, ACP opened it’s doors for me and allowed me to have a place to belong. When I heard ACP was coming back, I knew I had to get involved. If nothing else was accomplished in my time in ACP, I hope that we gave kids just like I once was a place to call their own and a place to finally belong. March on!” ~Koloway, 47th Leader of the ACP
“I remember back in November, Chainpro told me about him recreating the ACP with a guy named “McHappy”. I had just left my first army. Leaving brought about a lot of backlash and I felt very alone. However, Chainpro was there for me. He offered me refuge in ACP. At the time, I decided to go back to my first army but I could never find happiness there. I hopped around between a few different armies, always hanging out in the ACP chat because I felt at home there. My heart was yearning to leave everything behind and join ACP once and for all, so I did. Chainpro allowed me to join as Field General since we were in Hcom together in my last army. Soon afterward, Koloway promoted me to General (3ic), and then Field Marshall (2ic). I’m so blessed for the family ACP has given me. Clovers mean a lot to me these days. It’s a symbol of hope for me. At my lowest point, when I left my first army, ACP was there for me. ACP saved me. I truly mean that with all my heart. Green together, family forever. <3" ~Kailey, 49th Leader of the ACP
ACP holds the honor of being the army that has truly never died. Throughout OG CPA, we were the first army in existence, and we never closed down, ever. Whether we could only muster a meagre 5, or we hit 50+ – ACP was here, standing, until the end of Club Penguin.
For 6 months now, ACP has re-inaugurated on CPPS. We have built a solid foundation, and now we’re reaping the rewards of our efforts. Every single person – whether you were here as a troop, or an ally in a battle, or an active part of our recruiting force – every single penguin has made us what we are today.
Our next goal is CPAM’s upcoming tournament – in a Premier League style battle, we’ll be facing off all the other armies in the community, one at a time. This is the chance for ACP to shine. Let’s win another trophy, and show the community what we’re made of.
Green together, family forever.

ACP Leader