[US] Practice Battle vs OS Mascarados! {RESULTS}

What’s good ACP?!

Today we logged in to Beanie in order to have a practice battle with the amazing OS Mascarados.
This was a hard fought battle in which the OS Macarados showed us how to have great fun alongside great sportsmanship and we thank them for allowing us to face such decent opposition! 
We did very well Maxing 26, and performing some amazing tactics!. Lets keep up the good work ACP!
We won the battle 3-0, amazing!

Keep up the good stuff ACP, lets get back on top!


[AUSIA] Gendarmerie Training Results


Hey ACP!
Our AUSIA division is well and truly BACK IN BUSINESS after today’s fantastic event. We marched onto Blizzard for a training session, and reached a max of 18 soldiers online. We also welcomed many new recruits to the force. Stay tuned for more AUSIA events this week. 3 clovers if you came! 

March On! ~Max
☘ACP Temporary Commander in Chief☘
European Division Leader/Field Marshal