[URGENT] Declaration of War Against the Romans

Addressed to the Romans of Club Penguin.

The Army of Club Penguin is now declaring war against the ROMANS.

The ACP has been turning a blind eye to the blatant injustices the Romans of Club Penguin and Team Yellow Army for a while now.
Whilst we have welcomed the Romans return as brothers, they have taken our kindness for weakness.
In their ardor to climb the ranks, the Romans have shown that they give LITTLE regard for fairness, justice, and the community.

To DEFEND FREEDOM and PRESERVE JUSTICE, the ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN hereby declares war on the Romans for the following reasons:

1) We first and foremost take issue with Darklink, and the ex-commanders of Team Yellow Army. We do not care if your yellow penguins (TYA) now don red. TYA has wronged our brother allies the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Army of Club Penguin and the Romans of CP through massive amounts of troop stealing.
Much more troop confessions about Darklink asking them to join TYA^
2) We secondly take issue with the multilogging done by TYA, throwing the community into injust and disarray. Click here for the full expose by our Field Marshal, Max.
You multilogged more than 1 peng and you know it, buddy. Happy to further expose you if needed.
3) We thirdly take issue with the Romans, whom DESPITE knowing that Team Yellow Army multilogs, DESPITE being troop stolen from by them, accepted the merge of this scumbag of an army and granted Darklink leader.
TYA, The Romans wanted to declare war on you, before RFCP declared war on them.
How can you go from wanting an army gone for their foul play, troop stealing and multilogging, to welcoming them with open arms and essentially condoning their behavior by welcoming them into your leadership ranks?
The answer is simple. When the people in question are multilogging and troop stealing FOR you, you suddenly turn a blind eye.
4) We finally take issue with the Romans, who have been persuading ACP troops to join the Romans. Just take a look at their ranks. How many ACP do you spot?
5) Also, we wear the Romans hat better than you guys.
The ACP hereby set the following rules:
1) 24 hour notice before all invasions.
2) No allies. We know you guys love bringing in allies, but no. We’ll fight TYA and Romans as ACP.
3) All events will take place on CPR. Proxy servers on CPR will be used for the invasion/defence of other CPPS servers.
4) No multilogging.

If troops breaking these terms are found, all of Romans’ land will be surrendered to ACP and Romans’ invasions will be rendered invalid. 


We vanquished the TEMPLARS, and now, the ROMANS are next.
We have turned a blind eye to the injustices TYA and Romans have brought against us. You took our friendship as weakness. Not anymore.

The Army of Club Penguin hereby enters war with the Romans.


CSY – ACP Leader
Max – ACP Head of UK
Funky – ACP Head of US
Mchappy – ACP Acting PoG

[Spec Ops] Puffle Event Results

How do you fellow soldiers,
Today we logged on for a last minute Spec Ops event and dressed up as puffles and went around the island. We had a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who came out! Thank you to everyone who lead! Make sure to DM Kailey or a HCOM for your clovers!


Dawnables Major General of ACP