November To Remember [ROUND 1 RESULTS]

 Yo ACP,
Today was our first round for November To Remember (Tournament) against the Wild Ninjas (WN).I must say, what an amazing victory! We claimed 2 rooms, Night Club and Stadium and after that, WN decided to log off. Amazing ACP! We maxed 20 and averaged 19, compared to WN who just maxed 4 and averaged 3. I understand most of you guys thought that this would be an easy win, which it was. But as we have proceeded to Round 2, you guys must NOT TAKE our opponent like WN as it’s the RFCP, that has been maxing a lot lately. Please do try to get 25-30+ in Round 2! Anyways, here are some pics for today’s victory:
Claiming Room#1

Our legendary Clover bomb, making us claim Room#2 as well.

Gendarmerie Fun Event [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP!

Today the AUSIA Division logged on to the Club Penguin Rewritten server, Deep Freeze for a fun event, even one of our good friends from our ally LGA joined us! We started off by hanging out at the town, then went for some pizza, then finished the event off with some mancala. We maxed 12.

3 Clovers were awarded to those who attended

ACP General

[US] Invasion of Wild Island [Results]

Greetings ACP!

Shortly before our Invasion of Wild Island, PICC, the defending army, surrendered. With the cancellation of the upcoming battle, we decided to have a fun training event instead! We all logged onto CPR and had a green party in the town. Next, we practiced tactics and formations in General Kailey’s rainbow igloo. However, the party really got started when Koloway logged on! Koloway started leading more tactics and formations, soon moving to the Cove, Forest, Beach, and finally the Ski Lodge. At the Ski lodge, we relaxed after training with Find Four! We maxed 15.

Invasion of Alpine [Results]

Hello ACP,

Today the UK division logged on to invade the server Alpine. We Maxed 15 and the battle lasted 30 minutes before PICCP surrendered the server to us. Alpine is now apart of the ACP nation!

The War with PIC has ended. [VICTORY]

The war between the Army of Club Penguin and People’s Imperial Confederation is officially over.

ACP has won flawlessly, going 6-0.

After declaring war this week, ACP fought diligently to make sure that the war against PIC was a healthy war and was fought well by both sides. The Army of Club Penguin absolutely showed up and showed out during these times of war, bringing us to an undefeated 6 victories.

New additions to our nation include Sub Zero, Below Zero, Alpine, and Wild Island. You may be asking, where is Toboggan?
Well, because it was their co-capital, we transferred Toboggan back to PIC in exchange for a peace treaty. The treaty is as follows:
In exchange for the ACP acceptance of PIC surrender, ACP asks that PIC is involved in a peace treaty between the two armies. PIC is not to interfere with future ACP conflicts, such as providing allies to our enemy in war, transferring/accepting servers to whoever were at war with, etc., or war will be declared on PIC.
PIC accepts, and the war is finally over. Thank you to the Army of Club Penguin for giving your all and going after it. Our first November 2 Remember battle is tomorrow, and I hope that we can continue our winning streak into this battle.
Remember: We march on, always.
ACP Commander in Chief
ACP Commander in Chief