The New Day under Koloway [URGENT]

The following message is addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.
It is not a drill.

Hello, Army of Club Penguin (and also those whom it may concern). In the absence of ACP Leader Chainpro there will be a few minor changes. First and foremost, we hope for Chainpro’s welcomed return.
In an effort to keep the Army of Club Penguin running as great and smooth as it has, I, Koloway, have been appointed the new Commander in Chief of the Army of Club Penguin.

I strive to continue the same inclusive, chill, and positive environment that was recently established by Chain. I hope to continue the 13 year winning culture of ACP. I hope to make changes to the way some day-to-day things run in an attempt to make sure that the Army of Club Penguin remains one of the greatest feats in Club Penguin history.
With that being said, I hereby promote Kailey and Moshi29 to General, making them both members of my high command and ranking them at 3rd in command. Additionally, I am promoting Nicwin to Field Marshal, making him a 2nd in command.
Our clover emblem will always fly high, and we will always display that clover emblem proudly.
March on, always.

ACP Commander in Chief

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  1. You got this man! 🙂

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