ACP Invasion of Cloudy (RAIDED) [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Hey there, ACP!
Today, we logged onto Cloudy, fighting RFCP to re-take what was once ours. The battle ran smooth the entire time, with us very clearly winning the new mine, hidden lake, and crow’s nest rooms. In the beginning, our event was raided by Shock Troops wearing the uniforms of our old enemy UMA. It was a battle to remember, and we fought with everything we had to bring Cloudy back home.
Max: 20+ || Average: 18+

ACP General

Robbing The Ice Bank [RESULTS]

So that was a damn lie…

Greetings ACP!

Today the AUSIA Division logged onto Ice Bank with the objective of adding the server to our great nation! Unlike most invasions, RFCP made no effort to show up and defend their server, with a solid max of 0. We had max of 9 and an average of 8, which is smaller than usual but nonetheless we were successful. We used this opportunity to practice some nice new tactics, as RFCP left us with nothing else to do. Regardless, Ice Bank is ours!

ACP Field Marshal, and Duchess of Cold Front

Defense of Cold Front (RAIDED) [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Hey there, ACP!
Tonight was certainly an interesting night, I’m actually not sure how to even start this post. We had a defense scheduled for Cold Front, but I noticed there were 58 users online after doing a “!users” command on the CPPS. This didn’t seem right, as RFCP and ACP both had around 12 users at the time. I went ahead and scouted the server to see if there was anyone hiding.

I went to the Ski Lodge and found the Elite Guardians (ally of Recon Federation) wearing some other armies uniform. I also found the Shock Troops (ally of Recon Federation) wearing some other armies uniform as well. It appeared as if they were trying to raid our battle. I later gathered intel that Prior Bumble (Recon Federation Leader) insisted on the Elite Guardians and Shock Troops coming to raid in hopes to make us mad.

We started off in the snow forts and it was already looking like a victory for the ACP. 
We were crushing them! But then… the Elite Guardians (orange) and the Shock Troops (red/black) decided to show up and cause chaos. 

The Rebel Penguin Federation (white) and the Lime Green Army decided to show up to have some fun. They were going to support us in this raid.

Towards the end, the RPF decided to log off due to the toxicity of the EGCP, RFCP, and ST. I don’t blame them! But since this was our battle, I wanted to keep us online and show them that the ACP are fighters. 

ACP actually enjoyed that battle! It was really fun battling it out with 3 other armies. Also… we successfully defended our server! We maxed 15 and averaged 13 the entire battle.

ACP Commander in Chief