US+UK Invasion of Cloudy [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Hey there, ACP!
Today, in our first war event against the dastardly RFCP, we logged onto Cloudy and showed how massive and how amazing the Army of Club Penguin truly was. Pre-battle started at the town, with us then moving to the Iceberg, Dojo Courtyard, and then to the Plaza. ACP is back and better than ever. 
Max: 24+ || Average: 20+
ACP General

[US] Unscheduled Training [RESULTS]

Hello ACP,

By the looks of our unscheduled¬†event tonight, we appear to be ready for war. I am impressed that we were able to max a whopping 18 and average 16 throughout the event. Our tactics were really good! At some points we can be a little sloppy, but nobody is perfect of course. We managed to get some nice circle formations in, some cool diagonal lines, and a plus. We will be making a “V” formation for Victory tomorrow night! I expect us to hit the 20’s at our defense tomorrow, which will be at the same time as this event! Here are the pictures taken from the event:
ACP Commander in Chief