[US] Practice Battle vs LGA [RESULTS]

Hello Army of Club Penguin!

We had a rematch against the Lime Green Army tonight and it appeared that we have won, although they have put up a fight regardless. We managed to max 16 and average 15 for the majority of the battle. We lost a couple people due to commitments outside of this army towards the end, but we managed to pull through with a victory. This was a fun battle, and I thank LGA for scheduling this with us. Also, thank you guys (the ACP) for attending and making this battle possible. More fun events to come!

ACP Commander in Chief

Return Of Queen AUSIA [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!

Today was a significant day for the new generation of the Army of Club Penguin. The Oceania/AUSIA Division held an event on Blizzard, and we sought to see sizes for our training session that the Division hasn’t seen in years. We logged on with great excitement, and over the course of the training session we persisted. Our sizes slowly grew from 7-9 until we reached a consisted size of 10-11! Our tactics also improved throughout the event, and we eventually became a coordinated unit. A fantastic result for our recently revived division, and a good indicator for what we can work from in the future c:. Thank you to everyone who took their time to attend!

Keep an eye out for more AUSIA events in the future!
Amazing work.

ACP Field Marshal

CPR Field Ops Guide: Oct. 10 – Oct. 16

Hello, ACP!

A new Field-Ops mission has been added to Club Penguin Rewritten. Here’s a guide on how to complete it and earn 5 EPF medals.
Stay tuned for more guides, secrets and trackers! If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Discord server here to receive updates on all CPR-related events and news!
To do the mission, be sure to go over to the Field-Ops computer on the right side of the EPF Command Room. As always, you can click to enlarge each image.
Head on over to the Book Room on the second floor of the Coffee Shop. Get close to the bookshelves on the left side of the room and you will get a notification on your EPF phone.
Click on it to start the Break The Code challenge.
The premise of the challenge is simple. You have seven tries to crack the code. As stated in the image above, a green circle around the symbol means it is correct so you keep it the same for your next guess. A yellow circle means the symbol is used in the code but is in the wrong spot. Red means that the symbol is incorrect, so change it up for your next guess.
When you have successfully cracked the code and completed the challenge, you will receive your reward of 5 medals!
ACP General

[US] Mining Expedition! [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP,

Well, we had quite an event on Club Penguin Rewritten today, on the Blizzard server. We decided to hold a Mining Expedition, where we would gather as many green mining penguins as possible onto the Iceberg. We ended up having over 35 green penguins with us, with about 28-30 throughout the entire event! Not only did we simply gather people there, but we did formations and tactics with them too! You know what’s amazing? The “A” that we did on the Iceberg. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we were able to make that formation within 5-10 seconds. We also managed to recruit maybe 4-5 new recruits into our server, so this event was a success! We all had a lot of fun out there, and we will be holding more of these events in the future. 
Pictures below:

ACP Commander in Chief