[EU/UK] Jam Session Results

Hey ACP!
Our Survey Corps division logged on today for a ‘Jam Session’, where we played our instruments of choice at the Lighthouse, Nightclub and Pizza Parlor! We did really well, but need to work on our tactics (expect a tactical training very soon). We maxed a total of 24 penguins! Don’t forget to claim your 3 clovers if you were there!

March On! ~Max

☘ACP General☘
European Division Leader

[AUSIA] Operation: Crumbs Up!

Hey ACP!

We’re bake at it again with the funny punny events after the war. Today we wore, you guessed it, baking aprons and gave the island our seasons treatings. Good job everyone who attended! and thanks for tolerating me makin you do ridiculous puns sorrynotsorry

MAX: 14

[US] Victory March [RESULTS]

Hello ACP!

Today we logged onto Blizzard to celebrate our victory in the war against the Templars! We marched from the Cove to the Ski Hill doing tactics and yelling “MARCH!” to every room we went to. We ran into the Pizza Federation at the Plaza where they thanked us for giving them back their historic capital, Outback. The feeling was electric as we basked in the glory of our victory. The march really cemented in the values of the ACP. We fight for what’s right and we enjoy each other’s company while doing it.We maxed 26. Defend freedom, preserve justice.