Survey Corps Training! [RESULTS]

Hey there, ACP!

Today we logged on to Beanie for a UK Training Session. We maxed 15 and averaged 11. We started off in the Town, moved to the Docks/Night Club and ended at the Ice Berg. We started off with snappy forms and tactics and kept growing! It was an IMPRESSIVE step forward for our UK division. We hope to continue seeing this growth prevalent in our UK events. 3 clovers for attending! March on.

ACP Field Marshal

UK Training [RESULTS]


Today we had an UK event. The beginning didn’t go very well due to lack of hyping which resulted in only 4-5 members online. So our event started 20 minutes late. As we started, we logged onto Marshmallow-Town (Under my command and that was a huge mistake as it already had 4 bars). Then under Nic’s command, we moved to Zipline, Plaza which had a fine 3 bars. We picked up amazing size by then. We maxed an impressive 16 and averaged 14. However I led the event only for 15 minutes due to family matters so I don’t know who led the remaining (Probably Sirproditor). But anyway it was fun! Here are some pics:

ACP General

US Practice Battle with Red Miners Army [RESULTS]