CPR Field Ops Guide: Oct. 17 – Oct. 23

Hello, ACP!

A new Field-Ops mission has been added to Club Penguin Rewritten. Here’s a guide on how to complete it and earn 5 EPF medals.
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To do the mission, be sure to go over to the Field-Ops computer on the right side of the EPF Command Room. As always, you can click to enlarge each image.
Go to the Mine exterior and walk over to the Herbert statue on the right side. You will get a notification on your EPF phone.
Click on it to start the Break The Code challenge.
The premise of the challenge is simple. You have seven tries to crack the code. As stated in the image above, a green circle around the symbol means it is correct so you keep it the same for your next guess. A yellow circle means the symbol is used in the code but is in the wrong spot. Red means that the symbol is incorrect, so change it up for your next guess.
When you have successfully cracked the code and completed the challenge, you will receive your reward of 5 medals!
ACP General

Victory at Wool Socks [RESULTS]

Hello ACP,
Today we logged on to invade RFCP on Wool Socks and continue our efforts to take away their empire. We have successfully invaded another RFCP server! We won with a max of 19 and an average of 18. We made several formations, including the X, plus, and circle formations. While not the easiest battle, it was still fun nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who attended, you did an excellent job!

Defense of Fjord [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!

Unfortunately I could not attend this event but I’m posting the results anyway. We logged onto Fjord to defend the historical server and continue our success in the war. Thankfully we successfully defended the server, we tied with RFCP in an intense battle. We maxed 20 and averaged 18-19.

ACP Field Marshal, and Duchess of Cold Front

A Cloudy Day [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Unfortunately today the RFCP was able to find some leverage and take back Cloudy. I guarantee you all that this will NOT happen again. To be quite honest I was a little shocked by this ruling (it went down to a judges decision) but nevertheless ACP shall prevail.

Max: 20 

The war will continue.
Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian