[UK] The Clovers Faces Off Against the Herberts

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: Shamrock Madness”– What’s up ACP? This past Saturday, February 11th, our UK division logged onto Club Penguin Battleground for the Invasion of Shamrock and a small battle with the Herberts. The Soldiers wore their Shamrock Hats, Leprechaun Tuxedos, and the Pot O’Golds. The soldiers were commanded by Commander-In-Cheif, Calgocubs, and the Herberts were led by Advisor, Shane. The rooms for the invasion and the mini-battle were Forest and Docks where the clovers could show off extraordinary tactical performance against the Herberts.

Thanks to everyone that attended this event where we reached a max size of 14 penguins online for the event! A massive shoutout to Shpec for judging the invasion and a shoutout to ActionSpark for VC leading the event!

Max Size: 14

Max Size Picture:

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