[AUSIA] Clovers Battle Mchappy’s Evil Alter-Ego

ICE BREAKER, “Mystery Battle vs. Enemy Unknown” – Good evening ACP! We logged onto Club Penguin Army Battleground today to battle an mystery opponent, which turned out to be our very own Mchappy! We fought his Light Troop alter-ego in the Plaza before finishing up at the Ice Berg. We decisively defeated him with a size of 18 troops online. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Koloway for accidentally giving everyone 1 million clovers after the event ended. Make sure you attend the big battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation tomorrow!

Max Size: 18

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What’s Your Favourite War Medal?

SHAMROCK BULLETIN HEADQUARTERS, Sidie’s Office – War is the centrepiece of the Club Penguin Army community. It is what we thrive on and strive for. The Army of Club Penguin, having been a participant in many conflicts, gives out exclusive medals to troops who took part in them. Today I invited numerous former and current ACP members to tell me about their favourite medals!

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