[US] Clover Defenders Transform into Pizza

KLONDIKE, “Operation: Baked to Perfection” – Hi there Army of Club Penguin! Our US Division logged on to CPA Battleground today to change ourselves from penguins to edible pizza! Before we took to the Club Penguin Island to praise pizza, we did some warmups in the Town. After we warmed up, we were ready to take our baked to perfection slices to the Docks, where we did some tactics and formations before moving to the Iceberg to close out the event… or so you think. Deciding that we wanted more pizza, the Clover Defenders engaged in a Pizzatron 3000 competition in CPA Battleground! Our Generals Sidie9 and Shallissa led the penguins turned into pizza slices with assistance from Field General Sebassotoo, and Brigadier Generals Arne, Aydoon, and Powerprimate.


Max Size: 18

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