A Journey Through Forever – Retirement of FatChicken88 and 47th Leader Inauguration

Even forever has a final destination.

March 21st, 2020. The day I finally decided to get round to trying out the game I heard about – also the day Cubster recruited me. From this day stemmed over a year and a half of fun, crazy moments, happy and sad moments, and a lot more. Many of these moments took place all the way from troop, to moderator, to HCom, to finally leader.

My troop days were fun and I quickly became attached to the army, and taking my total attendance count high into the hundreds. The ACPRF opened it’s doors to me on my very first day, enabling me to quickly begin recruiting (spoiler alert, I sucked at it). But eventually, after a bunch of fun wars and events, I managed to pass the tests and get into the moderator team.

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