[US] Mission: Taste The Rainbow

ASCENT,”Mission Taste The Rainbow” – Hey there ACP! Today, the Clover’s US division logged onto CP Rewritten for our taste the rainbow event. We reached a maximum size of 22 troops, and had a lot of fun together we told each other what our favourite colours were and marked the event with colors of the rainbow, everyone did an amazing job today with the tactics and formations, Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the taste the rainbow event!

Maximum size – 22

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[UK] The Missing Coffee Beans

ASCENT, “Coffee Party” – Greetings ACP! Today, the Clover empire’s UK division logged on the server Ascent for our Coffee party event. At the start of the event we gathered up 28 Troops at town, and prepared our uniforms for the occasion. After our troops got ready, we started the coffee party and waddled inside the Coffee Shop. We had amazing tactics and formations, unfortunately the coffee shop ran out of beans, so we went on a scavenger hunt to find some beans! Within the rooms by spelling out the word beans. We had a lot of fun together, make sure to check out the pictures taken from the event below.

MAX – 28

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