Staturday Digest: Peaking 40 Across 9 Clovertastic Events

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to the first edition of Staturday Digest where we dive into the statistics of our past week here within the Army of Club Penguin. This will be used as a column of reflection and an opportunity to see how we have been doing as the weeks move forward! 

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[UK] Templars, SWAT & SP Outsmarted In ‘Field of Red’ Battle

Sup ACP!

Today we battled our cool friends Smart Penguins and maxed 28 ACP penguins online! We battled in the lighthouse, stage and cove. Sadly, we ended up having a random encounter with SWAT and Templars. (We all know who they are so we won’t go into any detals about them kekw) Luckily, we outsmarted everyone and came out victorious, yessssirrrrrr!!!
After this, we hosted a Hide n Seek game which four members weren’t able to be found and won!! Congratulations to

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[US] Clovers Enjoy a Nice Night Out In Hawaii


ZIPLINE, “Mission: A Night In Hawaii” – Hey ACP! Today, the Clover Penguins’ US division logged on the server Zipline on CPRewritten for a fun Hawaiian party, and we got a maximum size of 33 ACP soldiers online! In this mission we did many fun tactics and formations, we had lots of fun at the cove swimming and dancing, and we finished with an amazing game of Simon Says with Daniel and Kailey! Thanks to everyone who attended, good job today and I hope you enjoyed this fun party!

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