CPRewritten: Prehistoric Party – Full Guide

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The newest party, the Prehistoric Party, has just hit the island on Club Penguin Rewritten. Join us to find out about the free items, mascot visits and decorated rooms.

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[EUSIA] Rainbow Clovers Lighten Up CPR

Ascent, ‘Rainbow Clovers’ – Today, we logged onto Ascent Town and did a fun event where we dressed up as a color of our choice, representing a prism. ACP did good tactics and formations in Town, Stadium and did a finding egg hunt in the prehistoric time machine to get all the eggs to transform into a dinosaur to do a race to the light house. Quick shout out to Pandino for winning the Race!

Max Size: 41

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[US] The ACP Wears Lifeguard Suits in Prehistoric Search & Rescue Game!


Hey ACP!

Today we logged on CRYSTAL-TOWN for our Operation: Search & Rescue event, We did solid tactics and had a fun time rescuing penguins all over the island. We had a solid max of 30 penguins online! Continue reading