[UK] Delta Division Training Results!

Salutations ACP!

The first Delta Division Training of 2021 took place today and the UK division absolutely killed it – reaching a maximum size of 41 with exceptional tactics, formations and movements. I am so proud of the soldiers that attended and dedicated this 30 minutes to learning our very latest battle tactics – I can’t wait to put them into practice this coming Saturday in the highly anticipated battle against the Recon Federation.

MAX – 41

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Time Capsule: How ACP Created The First Top Ten Armies In 2009

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Top Ten has become an iconic weekly event in the army community, yet little know that it was first created by the Army of Club Penguin over ten years ago.

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CPRewritten Cheats: February 2021 Better Igloos Cheats

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Better Igloos Catalog for February 2021 has just dropped into Club Penguin Rewritten. Join us to find out where all the secrets are kept including the custom Froggy Chair!

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Clover Bot Shop and Patreon Launch

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Commander-in-Chief CSY recently announced the launch of the Clover Shop beta mode and a Patreon to fund the website plan. What can you buy from the Clover Shop, and what rewards come with the donations? Continue reading

[FEB 2021] Promotions

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[US] Alpha vs. Echo vs. Red Ravagers – Results!

Hey, ACP!

Today, our US division logged onto Abominable on CPR for our fun Branch Battle with our great allies, Red Ravagers! We fought in the Iceberg, Docks, and Stadium and had lots of fun! We were able to max 34 penguins! There was no winner since the battle was just for fun! Be sure to comment if you came!

MAX-34 (16 Echo + 18 Alpha)

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