Treaty of the Galeas – The End of the Roman War [VICTORY]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

The war between the Army of Club Penguin and the Romans is officially over, with a final war score of 5-0.

On Saturday 22nd February 2020, the Army of Club Penguin armed ourselves for battle once more against the Romans, for their blatant acts of injustices against the ACP.
When the Romans returned, the Army of Club Penguin welcomed them back with open arms, accepting an alliance. However, amidst troop stealing, multilogging, and the huge hypocrisy where they welcomed Darklink into their leadership, a proven multilogger that they previously shunned and wanted to declare war against, the Army of Club Penguin were forced to declare war to defend freedom, and preserve justice.
Our troops fought diligently and valiantly. We never backed down throughout the entire war. Even when the Romans forfeited, logged off early, did not show up, we continued to fight.
The purpose of the Clover Crusade has been served. The Romans have admitted to and rectified their mistakes. We have gone undefeated once more in war.
War Recap
Saturday, 22nd February 2020:
The Army of Club Penguin officially declared war on the Romans.
Saturday, 22nd February 2020:
The Army of Club Penguin raided the Romans’ scheduled Beanie invasion. The Romans logged off early as they only maxed 3. As RFCP was there, ACP did not back down, and won 2-1 in an unscheduled PB against the RFCP.
Army of Club Penguin vs. RFCP.
Sunday, 23rd February 2020:
The Army of Club Penguin battled the Romans in a traditional style dojo battle, where all commands were given in game, and discord was used minimally. Despite this foreign style of battling for most of the army, we still performed great tactics with an intense snowball fight, reminiscent of ’06, where we finished with a 3-0 victory.
Monday, 24th February, 2020:
The Army of Club Penguin’s UK/US division faced off against the Romans, ending once again with a 3-0 victory.
Wednesday, 26th February, 2020:
The Romans faced the wrath of the ACP’s UK division, losing 3-0 once more.
Sunday, 1st March, 2020:
In one final UK/US battle against the Romans, the ACP take home the victory 3-0, with the Romans forfeiting the last room.
Final War Score: 5-0 victory
The Treaty of the Galeas

Ancient Rome Galea Helmet Clip Art, PNG, 1578x1872px, Ancient Rome, Centurion, Combat Helmet, Forehead, Galea Download Free
The Romans agree to the following terms:
1. Admission of mistake for allowing the TYA merge
2. Concedes to defeat to the ACP
3. No invasions of any land belonging to ACP for 3 months
in return for the Army of Club Penguin ceasing fire.
No invasions of the Romans to the Army of Club Penguin’s nation until the 1st of June, 2020 will be considered valid.
With the ending of the war with the Romans, ACP is finally at rest once more.
ACP UK training, 30th January
ACP vs. HF, 29th February
Look at what we’ve done in a month. We have entered war and emerged victorious against the Romans, we have battled the HF once more, revenging our brutal loss in January. We have revived AUSIA once again, solidifying the strength of ALL 3 divisions.
This is just the beginning of the rise.
Peace within ACP has restored once more, with a good foundation for further growth. None of this would have been accomplished without the work of my small, but dedicated HCom, and our group of hardworking moderators. I can now take a step back, knowing that ACP will continue to flourish.
I, CSY, 48th Commander of the Army of Club Penguin, hereby announce my 2 week leave from the army for exams. Max will be granted the position of temporary leader in my absence.
March on ☘️
ACP Leader