Alpha Vs Echo [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!

Today we logged into Zipline CPR for the Echo vs Alpha battle event! We had great fun doing different tactics and formations. We maxed 27 penguins!!

With Echo winning the Stadium, Alpha winning the Beach and the Docks, the winner is…

Aces – Brigadier General

Puffle Party Spec ops

Hey ACP!
Today we logged on to Blizzard CPR for our Spec ops event! We had a fun time going around with our puffles in our puffle attire! Thanks to everyone who came out! 
Max – 13
Lieutenant General

[US] Battle Training [Results]

Greetings ACP,
Today we logged onto Zipline CPR to have a training session! We did many tactics around the island. Thank you to Zelly for leading us for this event and thank you to everyone who came out! Remember to DM a HCOM member for your clovers.

Max: 15

Dawnables Major General