[EU/UK] Pizza Party Results!

Hey ACP!
Today we had yet another amazing EU/UK division event – this time another Pizza Party on Blizzard! We marched through the Town, Plaza, Pizza Parlor and Ice Berg in our aprons, maxing 33 penguins! Claim your 3 clovers if you came!

March On! ~Max
☘ACP General☘
European Division Leader


Hey ACP,

We logged on today for our AUS: Deja Brew event, where we maxed 15.


[January 2020] Better Igloos Catalogue Secrets


The first Better Igloos Catalogue for the year 2020 is out and we’re here with its secrets, read on to find out all of them!

∆ Page 1

This page contains 3 secrets: Show Lights, Concert Lights, and the HDTV

∆ Page 2

This page also contains 3 secrets: Curved Desk, Formal Chair, and a Blue Curtain

∆ Page 3

This page contains 2 hidden paintings: Sunset Painting and the Mona Lisa

∆ Page 4

The 3 secret items on this page are: Tinsel, Candycane Bauble, and Blue Bauble 

∆ Page 5

This page has 3 hidden items: Silver Bauble, Ice Holiday Tree, and a Giant Candy Cane

∆ Page 6

This page has 3 hidden items: Snowman, Presents, Holiday Ribbon

 Page 7

This page has 2 icy secrets: Icicle and Snow Clump

∆ Page 8

This page has 2 hidden items: Coat Rack and Scoop Chair

 Page 9

This page has 4 secret items: The Spooky Surprise, The Growing Grin, Illuminous Ghost, and The Laughing Lantern 

∆ Page 10

This page has 3 hidden items: Control Terminal, Mysterious Mist, and Popcorn Machine

∆ Page 11

The last page contains 3 secret items: Laboratory Desk, Cauldron, and Blue Balloon 


This is it for this month’s catalogue’s secrets, hope this guide helped!
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