Survey Corps Night at the Museum [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP!

Today the Survey Corps logged on to the Club Penguin Rewritten server, Blizzard, for what we’re calling “A Night At the Museum”. We went around viewing all the amazing sculptures around the island, watched a band perform, and rounded our event off with a visit to the ice rink. For this amazing event, we maxed 33!

Well done ACP! 3 clovers were awarded to those who attended.

ACP Field Marshal

Probably the best AUSIA event of ACP 2.0 [RESULTS]

First of all, the ACP welcomes CSY, a former ACP AUSIA Leader who did wonders during his reign and as now re-entered as 3ic (Still AUSIA Leader). His re-joining us made the event more special. Today was an amazing event as we are maxing huge no and our tactics were amazing. We maxed 19 with an average of 16. We all had lots of fun and personally saying, I think ACP’s AUSIA is ready to have another PB with LGA [AUSIA division] and claim victory! But the decision lies on the HCOM’s so stay tuned! Anyway, here are some pics of today’s event:

CPR Guide: The GOLD Viking Helmet!

Hey ACP!

As you may have noticed, there’s a new play at the stage on Club Penguin Rewritten. The Haunting of the Viking Opera is back, along with Hector the Director, Helga, Inspector Bailey, the Glowing Ghost, Viking extras, and the Yellow Puffle of course!

But did you know there’s a secret item in the Costume Trunk catalog? The secret item is…
*drum roll*

The GOLD Viking Helmet!

To find the item, follow these steps:

     1. Head to the Stage & open the catalog
     2. Turn to Helga’s page (page 2)
     3. Click on the helmet above the “g” in “Viking” to reveal the Red Viking Helmet

         4. Close the hidden item card and open it 3 more times for the Blue Viking Helmet

         5. Once the Blue helmet shows up, click on Helga’s Viking helmet to reveal the special         super-duper secret Gold Viking Helmet!

    I hope you found this helpful! I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy looking for these secret items and making these guides for you all to enjoy. If you’ve enjoyed, be sure to let me know below in the comments or on the Discord server!

    (March on)

    King Mondo
    ACP Legend & Advisor

    Garrison Division Operation Hockey [RESULTS]

    Hello ACP!

    Today we logged onto Blizzard for Operation Hockey! We all dressed up in hockey green jerseys to show off our ACP pride! We had a great time doing tactics and making formations. We reached a max of 30!

    UK Sled Racing Tournament/Training

    Hi ACP,

    Today we logged on CPR for a quick training and Sled Racing tournament. Our leader, Koloway, won the sled racing tournament in exciting fashion! Thank you all who attended. We maxed 16.