Gendarmerie Recruiting Event [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!

Today the AUSIA Division logged on to the Club Penguin Rewritten server, Blizzard for a recruiting session. A series of tactics were performed while talking to potential recruits in the EPF HQ, and we even managed to gain some new recruits to ACP! We maxed 21.

Nice job ACP! 3 clovers were awarded to those who attended.

ACP Field Marshal

N2R Tournament Final VS RPF[RESULTS]


Today we logged onto CPATG server Parka for our N2R Tournament Final against RPF. We fought valiantly and earned a 2nd place finish in the tournament. We Maxed 19.

UK U Lead/Training[RESULTS]

Hi ACP, 

Today we logged on the CPR for a U lead/last minute training for our tournament battle with RPF. We Maxed 16.