Survey Corps Alpha VS Echo Event [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP!

Today the Survey Corps logged on to the Club Penguin Rewritten server Ascent, for an Alpha vs Echo event. Each team battled it out over who would be this weeks winner. Alpha team had the edge to start off with but Echo team came round to secure a victory! We maxed 15. 

Good job ACP! 4 clovers were awarded to those who attended.

ACP Field Marshal 

Recruiting Session [RESULTS]

Today we had a recruiting session for the AUSIA division. Therefore, we logged on to Blizzard, Town and recruited there the entire time, asking citizens to join us wearing the pizza costume and have fun! I and Brigadier General Zayn led the entire event. It was a pretty good event with impressive tactics! We maxed 15 with an average of 12. Here are some pics:

Garrison Recruiting Event[RESULTS]


Today the Garrison division logged onto the Club Penguin Rewritten server Blizzard, for a recruiting session. We were stationed in the EPF Command Room and even managed to gain some new recruits! We Maxed 23.