[US] Practice Battle with RPF [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP,
Today we had a practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation! We started with out classic clover bomb at the iceberg and things were looking good. However, when trying to make an X, we struggled a bit. Our X turned into a V and we adjusted our tactics accordingly for the next two rooms. We ended up maxing 19 and averaging 16. Although RPF was bigger than us, we still had some killer tactics such as “Lots and lots of friends of planes!” in the box dimension¬†and “Take your shoes off” in Koloway’s igloo. Although we did not win, we had fun battling it out with our rebellious friends! Great job everyone!

Gendamerie Training Report [RESULTS]

Heya ACP!
It’s me, Rockstar! Bringing in a report on behalf of the ACP Gendarmerie Division. Today, we did a splendid training only to interrupt by NotManu and Sidie9. Great work to all troops who participated in this event. I salute you! This event was lead by Mchappy, Kailey and yours truly. We maxed 13, averaged 11.


Once again, great work! 3 Clobrs if you attended uwu!

~Rockstar1819, Retired ACP Ausia Divisional Leader