A night at the movies [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Time and time again there are rumors within the community that the Army of Club Penguin will need to prepare for an incoming attack. We will continue to diligently train and become a brick wall to fight against. ACP shall prevail!

Max: 12 | | Avg: 11

Thank you so much to everyone who took these wonderful pictures. If you attended this event and are above the rank of Private, you have received 3 more Clovers towards your promotions.

Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

PB Against RPF and LGA [RESULTS]

Today we had a PB against our allies, RPF and LGA. This was our 2nd PB held and I must say, our performance this time was much better than last times. All the HCOM’s were satisfied and this indicates that we’re on a road to glory, all that’s required is effort and hardowork. Anyway, I believe we came 2nd, after RPF. I would just like the US Division to gain the same sizes in PB’s as they gain in battles, meaning the legendary 28+ so that we give RPF even a tougher fight! We maxed 15 and averaged 12. Here are some pics: