UK U-Lead Event 11/2/19 [RESULTS]

Hey there, ACP!

Today we logged on to Zipline for a U-Lead event to let our troops lead! We maxed 15 and averaged 13. Thank you to everyone who led tactics, you guys did great! We started off in the Town, marched to the Gift Shop and ended at the Iceberg. We had some great tactics and formations. Check out the pictures below for the results of the event.

ACP General

Koloway’s Krusade [RESULTS]

Aye, ACP! So today, we had an epic AUSIA event. Koloway led at the start but had to leave halfway, giving both Moshi and I the opportunity to lead the rest.
Max: 12 Average: 11

  Anyway, good job today ACP!  Let’s work on not bunching up as often, and hold our tactics a little longer!

Brigadier General Smurf
Signing off
March On…

US Garrison Training [RESULTS]

After 2 cancelled events of both AUSIA and UK division, we were finally able to manage to have a US event. However, inspite of hyping, our US’s size fell. But the tactics were nonetheless quite good. We maxed 10 and averaged 9. Here are some pics:

CPR Halloween Party Candy Hunt 2019

Hello, ACP!

The Halloween Party Candy Hunt has been released on Club Penguin Rewritten! This guide will tell you how to get all eight pieces of candy and claim your prize.
First Location – Cove:
The first piece of candy is hidden at the Cove, in the bushes to the right of the surfboards.

Second Location – Haunted House Exterior:
The second piece of candy is hidden in the top left window at the front of the Haunted House.

Third Location – Snow Forts:
The third piece of candy is hidden on the house on the far right at the Snow Forts.

Fourth Location – Gift Shop:
The fourth piece of candy is hidden in the Gift Shop by the clothes on the left.

Fifth Location – Lighthouse:
The fifth piece of candy is hidden on the Trick or Treat sign at the top of the Lighthouse.
Sixth Location – Recycling Plant:
The sixth piece of candy is hidden in the recycling machine inside the Recycling Plant.
Seventh Location – Plaza:
The seventh piece of candy is hidden above the Pet Shop Sign in the Plaza.

Eighth Location – Ski Lodge:
The last piece of candy is hidden near the ceiling of the Ski Lodge behind the decorations.
Once you have found all the candy hidden around the island, click on the book on the top right corner of your screen and claim your prize! You will also receive the Scavenger Hunt stamp.
That’s it for this guide. Enjoy the rest of the party!
ACP General

CPR Field Ops Guide: Oct. 31 – Nov. 6

Hello, ACP!

A new Field-Ops mission has been added to Club Penguin Rewritten. Here’s a guide on how to complete it and earn 5 EPF medals.
Stay tuned for more guides, secrets and trackers! If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Discord server here to receive updates on all CPR-related events and news!
To do the mission, be sure to go over to the Field-Ops computer on the right side of the EPF Command Room. As always, you can click to enlarge each image.
Head over to the Dojo Courtyard. Stand by the Dojo on the right and you will get a notification on your EPF phone. 
Click to start the Power Up the Chipset challenge.
The goal of the challenge is to use your arrow keys to move around and power up all the chipsets. You hold a certain amount of power that you will lose when you power up the chipset or if you get zapped, so be careful! If you run out of power, you will have to start over again. If you find yourself low on power, head back to your starting point to charge back up.
For one of the chipsets, you will need to get a key to unlock it. 
Once you have powered up all four chipsets to complete the challenge, you will receive your reward of 5 medals!
ACP General