Ausia Training [RESULTS]

Greetings, ACP!

Ausia performed amazingly yet again in the training session. No higher command was present during this event, but it was made successful under the leadership of Sidie, Zoomey and Me, and with the cooperation of the rest of the troops. Thank you everyone for attending!

Max: 15
Average: 13

ACP 2 Month Party! [RAIDED BY PLOK]

Greetings ACP!

Today we logged on and celebrated the 2 month anniversary of ACP’s revival! RPF was there. We started in Koloway’s igloo, and then went to the box dimension to confront Plok. He sucks. We had a fun time doing things with Plok, reminding him that he’s an atrocity, and going around the island trying new things. We maxed 24.

Plok is pictured above. He smells BAD.

ACP Commander in Chief

[UK] Miners vs Pizza Gang vs Ghosts [RESULTS]

Hello ACP!

Today we logged onto Blizzard, put on our mining hats, and drilled all over Club Penguin! To our surprise, it turned into a battle between the miners, pizza gang, and ghosts! We hit a ground-breaking max of 37.

US Echo vs. Alpha (WEEK 1) [RESULTS]

Hello ACP!

Yesterday, we logged onto Deep Freeze to try something brand new! We had our first major ECHO VS. ALPHA BATTLE! The theme for this battle was Mchappy vs Koloway. ACP General Kailey lead a majority of Echo in this battle, and showcased her true niche for leading the Echo branch! We reached a max of 26!  In a clear, 3-0 victory…. the winner is…..

ACP Commander in Chief

[AUS] Recruitment Results!

Happy Thanksgiving, ACP!
Our AUSIA division been working extra hard – and here are the results of our recruiting session today! Although we were slow to do formations in the beginning, we picked up HUGELY in the end, managing to change formations in under a minute. Good job, soldiers!
Max: 19
Average: 16
Catch y’all later
– CSY [AUS Divisional Leader]

[UK] ‘Operation: Umbrella’ Results


Today we had an AUSIA training event. I must say, our goal of getting more than 17 was achieved! We had lots of fun. But in this event, there were some drawbacks. (1) The tactics were delayed, maybe we require speed tactics and (2) Our formations were poor. It took us 6 mins to make a X and in the end we were unsuccessful. This is very sad, AUSIA must improve it’s formations. BUT, we maxed an amazing 21 and averaged 16. Here are some pics:

Garrison Practice Battle with LGA [RESULTS]

Hello ACP!
Today we logged onto Ascent for a practice battle with our allies, the Lime Green Army! We excelled in our tactics and formations and brought home the victory! We maxed 16!

Survey Corps Night at the Museum [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP!

Today the Survey Corps logged on to the Club Penguin Rewritten server, Blizzard, for what we’re calling “A Night At the Museum”. We went around viewing all the amazing sculptures around the island, watched a band perform, and rounded our event off with a visit to the ice rink. For this amazing event, we maxed 33!

Well done ACP! 3 clovers were awarded to those who attended.

ACP Field Marshal

Probably the best AUSIA event of ACP 2.0 [RESULTS]

First of all, the ACP welcomes CSY, a former ACP AUSIA Leader who did wonders during his reign and as now re-entered as 3ic (Still AUSIA Leader). His re-joining us made the event more special. Today was an amazing event as we are maxing huge no and our tactics were amazing. We maxed 19 with an average of 16. We all had lots of fun and personally saying, I think ACP’s AUSIA is ready to have another PB with LGA [AUSIA division] and claim victory! But the decision lies on the HCOM’s so stay tuned! Anyway, here are some pics of today’s event: