Halloween Igloo Contest!

ACP is holding an igloo contest for this Halloween! This contest starts now and will go until Sunday (October 27th). Submissions will no longer be accepted starting Sunday. 

Please send your igloo submissions to our #igloo_submissions channel on the ACP Discord server. On Sunday, a winner will be chosen, and clovers will be rewarded on that day as well!

2 clovers for participating in this contest.
10 clovers for winning in this contest.

Good luck, everyone!

ACP Commander in Chief

CPR Pin Tracker: Oct. 24 – Nov. 6

Hey there, ACP!

The newest pin is located at the Cove. Head over to the right of the chalkboard to pick up the Fire Extinguisher pin.

Stay tuned for more guides, secrets and trackers! If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Discord server here to receive updates on all CPR-related events and news!

ACP General

[UK] Dance Off [RESULTS]


For this event, we decided to dance around and take a break from our training sessions. We decided to have fun with it and gathered a couple people to dance with us! We ended up maxing 20 users online, and had an average of 15 for the entire event.

ACP Commander in Chief

[US] Sledding Expedition [RESULTS]

Hello ACP,

Today we decided to log onto Sleet to do a quick mining expedition… but mid-event, the game updated with the new Halloween party. We were able to get 18 people maximum online, and had an average of 15 during this event. We ended up turning ourselves into sleds for the event! It was a lot of fun, and I ended the event early so we could explore the island. 3 clovers for attending!

ACP Commander in Chief