Introducing Slider568

Hey ACP!

My name is Slider568. I’m a former ACP 2ic and technically achieved the role of leader albeit for a short lived time before my retirement. We won’t take too much about that! I’m here now to take up the role as maybe something of an advisor? Maybe I’ll take up organizing some fun events. I’m not sure yet but I do know I’ll be here creating some interesting posts and on the ACP discord to talk, answer questions, reminisce about the old days, and help assist in any way I can, perhaps lead some battles! We’ll see. This post is really to serve as an introduction from me to you, for many of you probably don’t know me. Lets get into a bit about myself.

I joined ACP in 2009, and it became my first army, my home army, and for all the time I spent in CP armies this was always first and foremost the most important place for me. No matter any other rank I held elsewhere I was always involved in ACP first. I held some other roles in allied armies though, like the Doritos as a 2ic and I ended up for some odd reason leading the Army Republic when it was much smaller. Aside from that I lead the Sun Troops when Sklooperis briefly revived them, spent time in the Elites, and held an ownership rank in the Ice Warriors while Iceyfeet was still their leader.

Back to my time spent in ACP though, I did quite a lot in my time in here roughly from March 2009 and onward to 2012 achieving the rank of 2ic by 2011, and I had a few stints after that in owner roles as 3ic and 2ic from 2012-2015. My chiefest and finest moments were spent leading the ACP Training Regiment (a place where we trained our newest recruits into the most exemplary soldiers), reviving the Senate and taking up the mantle as Grand Senator (I know, what a title!), and leading divisions (we had divisions a long while ago, they served as cool little communities, I lead Alpha and Omega), as well as leading battles, making exciting new posts, and towards the end of my career I was in charge of handling promotions. At the time we had such an influx of recruits that all of the owners had a schedule to share transferring names from the join page to the ranks as well! What a time!

Anyways I’m really excited to see ACP back and running again. This really excites the nostalgia and the kid in me. I’m looking forward to getting to know the lot of you who I don’t know from the past, and despite my busy schedule in life, I’m going to try to regularly be around, hang out, and lend a hand anyway I can.

Until Next Time
March On!

US Victory March [RESULTS]

Hey there, ACP!

Today, the US division logged on to Marshmallow on CP Rewritten in honor of our victory in the war against RFCP. We started at the Ski Hill, marched to Ski Village and ended in Ski Lodge where some of us played Find Four! We recruited some penguins along the way and had lots of fun, maxing 14 and averaging 12. I would like to once again congratulate every single troop in ACP. This victory wouldn’t have been possible without you. This is just the beginning.

March On!

ACP General