Successful Defense of Cold Front [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Hey there, ACP!
So, funny story. I crashed CPATG because I can’t listen very well. We originally logged onto Cold Front to defend, you know, Cold Front. Upon exiting the town, and entering the Ship Hold, Koloway got another one of his bright ideas. He decided he’d do a !size RFCP tactic, which killed Cold Front. We then also killed Klondike. Klon-yikes. We eventually logged onto mammoth, unanimously winning the Ship Hold, Town, and Ski Village, winning 3-0 and officially retaining Cold Front as an ACP territory.
Max: 18+ || Average: 15+

ACP General, and Knight of Cold Front

Breeze is rightfully our Capital! [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Hey there, ACP!
As you may remember, we had a TIE against RFCP in our last Breeze defense. Immediately after, before we were able to officially declare Breeze to be our glorious, clover-clad capital, enemy leader Prior Bumble scheduled a second Breeze invasion. Tonight, we logged onto Breeze with our heads held high, guitars in one hand and clovers in the other. Luck was truly on our side, but skill played the better factor. In a blaze of ACP glory, we beat RFCP in all three rooms. Unanimously, winning the Mine, Forts, and Iceberg, we won 3-0 and officially declared Breeze to be our capital.
Max: 29+ || Average: 24+

ACP General