Cold Front Conquered [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!

Our AUSIA Division has conquered its first server! We logged onto Cold Front for our first appearance in the RFCP war, and we were met with a small but valiant defence. While they remained online for the whole duration with 3-5 soldiers, our AUSIA Division maxed a fantastic 11 and averaged 9-10. A good effort from our opposition despite knowing that they were outnumbered, but also a fantastic job from our soldiers! Many thanks to those who attended, you’ll be rewarded with 5 clovers within the next 24 hours!

As the first server the AUSIA Division has conquered in war, I’d like to name Cold Front the capital server of the AUSIA Division.

Well done ACP!

ACP Field Marshal

Breeze Defense! [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Hey there, ACP!
Today, we logged onto Breeze, our capital, and defended it from the RFCP. We had some early trouble logging onto the servers, trying Breeze, Mammoth, and then finally Klondike. Pre-battle started at the Town, with us then moving to the Docks, Mine Interior, and then to the Iceberg. It was a close battle the entire time, with sizes growing and falling every minute. ACP and RFCP both fought victoriously, as decided by the administrative decision. DMT declared the battle a… 1-1-1 DRAW.
Max: 25+ || Average: 20+

ACP General