Where’s the shovel? [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

As we are still in our rebuilding phase, we are learning how to adjust to what times work best for each soldier. Be sure to always know when the next event is by checking out the Events page.

While CPR continues to be a shtick in the mud with armies, we’ve been using the new recruiting phrase “find acp club penguin on you tube“. Click here to see the video that I’ve uploaded in hopes to redirect recruits to our Discord.

Max: 15 | | Average: 6

Big shout out to DelfinDilla to helping out immensely with this event!

Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

Garrison CPATG Training Session [RESULTS]

Chainpro: Tonight was a little wonky, wasn’t it? Unfortunately not all of us were online at the same time, and some of us might’ve had some issues relating to CPATG. We had a dip in size, but all armies have dips here and there… and tonight was one of many that we can expect in our future.

Hey ACP,

Today we logged onto CPATG for the first time to have a training session for our American Garrison division. The event went well but was a dip from our higher sizes, only maxing 14 and losing troops as the event progressed. Overall, the tactics were swift and sustained, and it proved that ACP will continue to grow and find their strengths. Great job, Soldiers!
Max 14 || Average 10

Great work, Soldiers!