Amazing Event

Hello there, ACP! Once again, we’ve had an amazing event! We maxed around 40, and averaged 30-35! We’ve had amazing tactics and I’m really proud of you.


Around 40 soldiers online.


Shining brighter than a thousand suns.


Having fun!!! Around 30 emotes!


Congratulations, ACP! Tomorrow is the promotion day! Those who attended will have a 50% higher chance to receive a promotion. Good Job, soldiers.

-Sercan, ACP Leader

AUSIA Recruiting Results

The day after Black Friday. Well today, we had a great recruiting session. We maxed 13 and averaged 10, which is quite good for an AUSIA event. Unfortunately, due to my xat and cp glitching a lot. I was only able to get 3 pictures. Read more for the pictures.

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Recruiting/Training Events for Friday

Hello ACP,

The day after Thanksgiving could not get anymore chaotic. I guess it makes sense, since it is Black Friday after all. But we salvaged what we could and pieced together a couple of fine events. In the UK Training/Recruiting Session, we were able to max around 23 and average 20. Tactics were done well once we got on a roll. Unfortunately I took only two pictures. If you have more, please comment with them, thanks!


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Retirement of Mr Waffle 45.

Hello ACP. this will be my final post on the ACP site.

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Decent Recruiting Session [AUSIA]

Hey ACP!

The AUSIA division held a recruiting session on Zipline today. A satisfactory session, especially since Flipmoo isn’t here, but AUSIA division- I expect better from you. Here are some things:

  • Pay attention. Our tactics weren’t as good as I wanted them to be today because so many people weren’t paying any attention to the orders given.
  • Check the ACP site for events. For maximum convenience I’ve stopped scheduling AUSIA events separately on the AUSIA site and they are now posted along with other ACP events. I expect you to be checking these events, not just coming on chat and finding out then that we are having an event.

That said, we maxed a little around 10-13, along with some rogues, but our tactics weren’t so good today. We managed to get a couple of troops to find our chat.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 6.30.21 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 6.31.00 PM


ACP 3ic

To the Wizards: Requesting an Exfiltration of Breeze

Jerry: We will not be exchanging servers for Breeze.

Purp: – It’s all sorted!

I bring this short post seeing that the Wizards of Club Penguin have claimed to of have invaded our capital, Breeze, from us on November 23rd, 2013. We ask for the representative of the Wizards to comment their reply regarding this incident immediately on this post.

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Happy Thanksgiving America!

Hello ACP!

My name is Slider568, for those who don’t know me I’m retired ACP 2ic & leader if you’d like to be specific (I know I would) posting on this very fine day. I don’t make many posts anymore although I’ve taken it upon myself during the holidays to make a brief post. That being said happy thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving is a time honored tradition which is began for America in early American settlements. It wasn’t a national holiday up until President Lincoln declared it a national holiday in 1863.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to give thanks for everything you do have (mostly to give thanks for your family thus the reason for it being a large family gathering) and sit down to a good meal. Most countries elsewhere have a thanksgiving or something very similar other times of the year and I know that Canada has Thanksgiving before ours.  So happy thanksgiving ACP! I don’t think anyone would have a problem with me saying no one expects you to be online tomorrow and maybe even a couple days prior so enjoy your time with your family.

Anyhow in a comment give us a few things you’re thankful for, in ACP, in real life, or in both it doesn’t really matter. I’ll be back for Christmas ACP, bye! Oh and by the way, anyone else excited about legend of Korra having a season 3 & 4?

De-Mod Week|| Senate Info

Hello ACP,

We have started off this new era with amazing sizes. In order to continue progressing forward, we have to take care of the mod issue. What mod issue you may ask? The ranks are filled with inactive moderators and we need to cut back on them. De-mod week will help clear up the mess and pave the way for a more successful army in general. So here are the details:

Any active mods who commit the following will be punished.

  • Miss the majority of this week’s event
  • Fail to come on chat for an adequate amount of time
  • Are modded for no good reason

Any moderators who are punished will most likely receive the rank of Major. Moderators who lose their modship will have the chance to once again prove that they are capable of handling the responsibilities of a moderator. I will need the cooperation of all the divisions to make this successful so please keep an eye out Owners.

Happy De-Mod Week everyone! 😀


Senate Info:

After the meeting on Sunday, the senate pushed through a bunch of bills. I guess you can say we’re more efficient than Congress. 😆 Anyways, for the Senate to be successful, we’ll need all senators to attend these meetings. What makes the Senate special is that it actually has power. As a senator, you can bring change to ACP. We’ll need your ideas to make this army better than it already is. Here’s the list of the current Senators:

  • Slippy
  • Skyfish
  • Phantom
  • Mr. Waffle (Head)
  • Mel
  • Sonic
  • Kenz
  • Bluey
  • Lumarnara 
  • Goblinguy
  • Cody

We also allow special guests onto the chat so if you wish to be a part of these meetings, just ask either Waffle or I. Lets bring positive change to ACP, Senators!


U.S Recruiting/U-Lead Session

Hello ACP,

On the day before Thanksgiving, the U.S had a 15 minute recruiting session and a 15 minute U-Lead session. We’ll be having two more of these to finish the week. Unfortunately, I could not make this event. But the show had to go on, so Tori took command and led a very successful event. ACP maxed 18 and averaged 15. Tactics were decent.

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A new alliance is born.

Hello there, ACP. From this day onwards, the Army of Club Penguin and Dark Warriors work together in a BROTHER ALLIANCE.

May this alliance last long!

Sercan, ACP Leader.