Hey low ranked soldiers! Are you new to ACP? Do you want a big promo? Don’t you want a big boost to start your ACP Career? Then join ACPTR! The ACPTR is an ACP Brigade devoted to the teaching Club Penguin Warfare to new recruits of the ACP. ACPTR stands for ACP Training Regiment, and is currently led by Epicorange1. It was created in June 2008 by Omega39 and was originally called ABC (ACP Boot Camp). In the ACPTR, you must attend events and classes to earn Credits. At the end of each month, your Credits are added up and you get a grade (A+ being the highest) and a promotion in the ACP. Click read more to find out more about ACPTR.

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Congratulations to ACP and it’s colonies

Hai ACP,

This a short post to talk about CPAC’s latest top ten. Firstly, I would like to inform everyone that we are once again second, after a slightly blip last week, continuing on our rise back to the top spot.

However, this post was mainly made to say Well Done to the ACP colonies. There were three colonies in the close to top ten section, with one army (for the first time in ACP colonial history) reaching the top ten. It’s good to see that we’ve made a difference to some armies and that they are doing well in their progress.

Well done to the Light Defenders, Watex Warriors and Miners and especially the Tacos. Lets continue this rise in the ACP empire and, together, we can achieve anything.

Happy Easter!

Easter is a great time of the year. A time to sit back, relax….

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How Should We Treat New Recruits?

Hi ACP. This is going to be a short post, but it’s about something important.

New recruits: I’m curious to know what you guys think. How do you think we should treat them? Do you think we should be nice to them, or do you think we should be tough on them to make them ready for battle? In what ways can we train them to become active soldiers and leaders? I want to hear your ideas!


Hey ACP, you want something fun?

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Funny Search Terms

Hello ACP!

I was messing around and I found some weird and funny search terms. So why not post? I’m chose a few funny ones I found. Here is what I found: Continue reading

Decent Saturday Event

Hai ACP,

Today we had a decent event, maxing about 28-29 on CP in the town but generally dropping to 20 throughout the rest of the event. The Nachos raided our event, as expected, but they were not nearly half the size of us. Our size could have been better, and our tactics as well, but it was decent and overall our week performance was pretty good. Here are our sizes throughout the week:

  • Sunday – 30-35
  • Monday – 25+
  • Friday #1 – 30+
  • Friday #2 – 35-40
  • Saturday – 25-29

So, overall, we did well this week and could challenge for the top spot on CPAC’s top ten, but the top 3 is a given for this weeks performance. COMMENT IF YOU CAME TO THIS EVENT FOR PROMOTION CREDIT!

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Yellow Puffle Results! [plus update on video release]

Funks: Great event, ACP! We maxed about 37 and our tactics were superb. Hopefully we can continue that on in our Saturday event and reach great sizes again and mount a challenge for first.

Probably the best event of the entire week.


Flat out awesome

I was really impressed by our performance today, probably the best we’ve done in quite a while.

This should hopefully improve our top ten placing this week, but that really isn’t a big deal.

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New Division: ACP CPPS Division

Hello folks! It’s Dj.

Very recently, a CPPS Division was opened up for the ACP, for the sake of training and recruiting. Since CPPS’s are typically unfiltered, and there are no uniform constraints, we have managed to recruit eight active people while we were scouting, just because of our uniforms.

Our mission is to make another nation made out of various CPPS’s and recruit and train on them. We also hope to get more armies to set up divisions on CPPS’s so we can bring back warfare for the sake of fun.

If you’re interested in helping us out, our site is Please note that CPPS’s typically have no rules, so if you’re young, you shouldn’t join. If you’re a person who typically cannot make events because of time constraints, joining the CPPS division may be a good idea, as we need a constant ACP presence on

Thank you.


Great Unscheduled (Mainly UK) Event

Hai ACP,

In what was an event in which we were aiming for 15+, we managed to max 30 on CP and average 20-25 during an unscheduled event at 3pm UK. Our tactics were good and I was very happy with the sizes we reached today, which couple the sizes of 30-35 and 25 we also had during the week. If we hit 35+ tomorrow, we will probably be back in the top three and will prove everyone that we aren’t to be messed with. I want us to get near or have these sizes at our scheduled UK event today as well, so make sure you come to that. COMMENT IF YOU CAME TO THIS EVENT FOR PROMOTION CREDIT!

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